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Allyson Galloway Music

Memphis Tennessee


I Began my music career after meeting Jelly Roll in 2022.
To Be honest, I've listened to him for many, many years.
At the lowest point in my life, his words meant everything to me.

I grew up in Memphis Tennessee. I have lived here my entire life and unfortunately, I've also tried to escape my entire life. I wish I could say my childhood was rare, but My mother battled Addiction all my life and still does to this day. My father was an alcoholic, he died when I was 9 Years old. My fathers Childhood was very traumatic for him from what I've been told but my mom actually had the exact opposite, The best parents anyone could have asked for. My Grandparents took me in when I was in the 2nd grade to shield me from more trauma.
Generational Curses come in many forms.
I write my songs because it's so important for listeners to understand that it's my life, and I hope if you can't relate, you can understand at least why I will continue to do this. Therapy is what I thought I needed, but the music is what came next and now I'm never going back. Thank you for all your support and I hope I can make you Proud!!

I don't do it for the Fame,
I do it so you know anyone can change.

Allyson Galloway Music

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