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Atlanta, GA

Hip-Hop & Rap

Fusion. The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. When you think about the origins of the most beloved artists of all time, their art is an expression not of one single experience. It is a compilation of home, of loss, of love, of life. Anthony Reed is the embodiment of fusion. A self-made entrepreneur, the artist known as AR Da Don 100 has a perspective on life that few in the industry can offer. As he told VoyageATL, AR was born and raised in the heart of Atlanta. He has seen the darkness the streets can offer, but has chosen to create his own light - expressing himself through music. An avid Atlanta music follower, AR embarked on his music journey in late 2022 with a mission to bring a new fusion to the table. A combination of hip-hop, trap, rock, pop that he’s calling Gansta Rock. With two tracks completed by January 2023, and an album in the works, AR Da Don 100 launched his brand on social media. Within four months, he has garnered more than twenty-thousand followers - increasing on a daily basis. Popular Atlanta-based social media accounts, like ATL Scoop, promoted his music and brand to their communities to bring his new sound to more ears. In four short months, AR Da Don 100 has performed around Atlanta and has already lined up gigs as far reaching as Miami, Florida. These accomplishments are attributed solely to the grind, the dedication, the motivation of AR himself. Gangsta Rock’s fandom is growing. The potential for new sounds are endless. With a growing team, AR hopes to bring national attention to his breakthrough sounds, and the message his story brings: “If you do the impossible there is no competition.”


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