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Blended Soul

Chattanooga, TN


Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the ultimate heatwave in entertainment! Blended Soul is a Country Soul acoustic duo based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but they are not just the hottest Acoustic duo in town; they're a blazing DJ duo that will set your event on fire. When Anderson picks up his acoustic, and they grab their microphones, they create an intimate and electrifying musical experience that's unlike anything you've ever witnessed.

Picture this: the strumming of an acoustic guitar, the mesmerizing blend of their voices, and the warmth of their melodies filling the air. Blended Soul's acoustic performances are a masterclass in connecting with their audience on a profoundly emotional level. Their chemistry on stage is palpable, and it radiates through every note they play and sing.

When Blended Soul takes the stage as the hottest acoustic duo in town, get ready for a musical eruption that will have everyone singing along and dancing the night away. Their irresistible energy is a magnetic force that draws audiences to their feet, and their infectious passion for music is like wildfire, spreading from one listener to the next. Anderson and Kristie have a unique ability to engage the crowd, turning every performance into an interactive and unforgettable experience. You'll find yourself not just listening but becoming an active part of their musical journey, singing along to your favorite tunes and moving to the rhythm of their acoustic magic. Blended Soul doesn't just perform; they ignite a musical party that will have your guests raving about their extraordinary talent long after the last note fades away.

As the reigning champions of DJ-dom, Anderson and Kristie know how to turn any gathering into an unforgettable dance frenzy. With their electrifying mix of tunes, they'll keep your dance floor burning all night long. The energy they bring is hotter than the sun itself, and they're masters at reading the crowd, ensuring that every beat is a scorching hit.

But wait, there's more! Blended Soul doesn't just stop at music. They offer event rentals that will elevate your event to a whole new level of hotness. Want to capture the moment? Their Photo Booth is a surefire way to create unforgettable memories. Need to set the mood? Their Uplighting will cast a sultry glow on your venue. And for that extra touch of class, their Monogram Services will put your event in lights, literally!

So, whether you're in the mood for a DJ duo that will have you dancing until the break of dawn or an acoustic performance that will set your soul on fire, Blended Soul is the only choice. And with their sizzling event rentals, they're the complete package for turning any occasion into a red-hot celebration.

Don't miss out on the hottest act in town. Book Blended Soul today, and get ready for an event that's so scorching, it'll leave your guests talking about it for years to come! 🔥🎶💃📸✨

Blended Soul

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