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Daniel Vigil

Denver, CO


Daniel’s music is born out of one hell of a rebel spirit. His sound is part blues, part country, the slightest dash of hip-hop, and all soul. Daniel has been a lot of things. An MMA competitor, a business owner, a writer, a teacher, and a dad. Whatever he’s done, he has always followed his heart. His music is meant to inspire you to embrace your own inner rebel. Yeah, you might work 9-5 behind a desk in khakis, but Dan’s music is for the outcast lurking within. It’s a rallying cry for misfits, non-conformists, and individuals who dare to deny the crowd. Daniel’s influences start with his mother’s gospel, Motown and Outlaw Country. The first album he ever bought was Counting Crows: August and Everything After, and though he has a different sound, the Counting Crows remain an inspiration. Like every artist, Daniel’s music is its own thing, but the influences of Amos Lee, Everlast, Chris Stapleton, and Darius Rucker are evident in both his originals and covers.

Daniel Vigil

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