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Zealous Grooves

Santa Fe, NM


Zealous Grooves is an eclectic rock band out of the Southwest born of the classic styles of Rock’n Roll with flavors of funk, blues and folk. The inception of the group started with Shanahan, the guitarist and lead vocalist, in the late 2000s. Creating an acoustic duo playing covers from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Bob Marley which later became the foundation for the style of ZG.
Soon after, Shanahan gathered some musicians from the local scene and began a trio while incorporating more gritty sounding tunes with a classic rock flare and bits of funk undertones. The trio was to disband in the early ’10s and a new era for Zealous Grooves was to begin as Shanahan made his way down to the Albuquerque area with new, original songs and an enthusiasm that would feed the fire to reform the group with new talent. Kent Sidlow, a young, aspiring drummer would respond to an ad in a music forum and after the initial meeting of Shanahan and Kent, the undeniable chemistry was immediately recognized. Months of rehearsing ensued and the process of writing new material found its way into the duo’s practice routine.
The now duo, Zealous Grooves, began navigating through the rock scene that is downtown Albuquerque and made many acquaintances all the while searching for the missing piece of the puzzle, a rocking bass player. Years had gone by with the pair playing gig after gig and no sign of an adequate candidate and the two continued on as a duo. Despite this fact, ZG headlined several shows and as the 2010s came to a close the new decade held a glimmering light, which the band had not anticipated.
In the early 2020s, while performing a show at a small venue in Santa Fe, Zealous Grooves was about to find a gem in the persona of Adrian “Trate” Quintana. An experienced DJ and bass player, Trate was in the crowd of the Santa Fe show and spoke with the duo afterward. Arrangements were made to rehearse and “try-out” later that week. The long sought, long awaited bassist was found and the next chapter of the band was to begin. Currently ZG has released its latest title “Trifecta” and is in the process of writing their fourth studio record. Zealous Grooves now has 2 EPs and 1 LP under their belt as they wait to see what the future will bring.

Zealous Grooves

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