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Rose Redbirdi



Torrance, CA

Rose Redbirdi

As a native to Southern California, Noelle “Rose Redbirdi” has a long history of love for all styles of music. As a singer/songwriter she performs with an Indie style rooted in pop, folk and rock –with lots of feeling in body and soul.
Rose Redbirdi is equally comfortable playing on a big stage as an opening act for a festival or band show, as she is at a private party or dinner club. She has been on all kinds of stages in her performing career, moving in and out of music and acting, even sports shows -over the years. She currently enjoys playing in more casual environments like the local South Bay clubs and special events, showcases, festivals and combined artist events including: Fiesta Hermosa, DiPiazza’s, The House of Blues, The Lighthouse, Saint Rocke, and Kulak’s Woodshed.
She is always updating her covers to expand on the classic favorites and include current songs that blend with the theme and story-line she creates with her own originals set list. She arranges them for solo vocal, guitar and some rhythm and bass in her customized band creator pedal.

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