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Stan O'Daffer



Saint Paul

Stan O'Daffer

Hailing from Decatur, Illinois, Stan embarked on his musical odyssey as a high school jazz drummer. His MacArthur High band soared to acclaim, clinching two prestigious "DeeBee" awards from Down Beat magazine in 1981 and 1982. By '83, they were even recording one of Stan's compositions. Post-graduation, his path led him to Illinois State University, where he honed his craft in music composition under the guidance of Roque Cordero and jazz under James Boitos. During this phase, he crafted a diverse repertoire spanning classical and jazz.

Stan co-founded the groundbreaking fusion ensemble, Abstract Notion, before making his way to Minneapolis. There, his musical prowess shone through in collaborations with Marnie Jones, contributing to her Billboard-charting New Age album, as well as working on sessions for the Commodores and various TV/film projects.

In 1991, Stan joined Ingrid Chavez's European tour band, marking another milestone in his career. His debut solo project, "Distance," earned accolades and featured an approved rendition of Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street." Stan's sophomore album, "Sweet," is a conceptual piece that weaves the tale of an orphaned juvenile dinosaur, with each track serving as a contemporary tone poem. Drawing inspiration from his research on Jurassic dinosaurs, this album skillfully merges scientific insights with a captivating fictional narrative, offering a unique glimpse into prehistoric life.

After years spent scoring for film, composing, and performing with the rock band Blackfish Movement, and the jazzy group Jessie Street. Stan has found his way back to his jazz roots. Currently, he is in the midst of crafting several exciting new releases of original music. Stay tuned for more sonic adventures from this multifaceted artist!

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