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IRM's New Songwriter Platform Launches!

Whether your looking to sell your music, or just have a national known recording artist cut it, has a new tool for you.

Upload your songs, from studio demos to cuts on your phone. IRM now gives artists the ability to get their music in front of artists who want to record them.

How? Just click on the writers room logo, upload the song and lyrics. Fill out the form. And your all set. Your song will get catagorized by genre for easy picking. Once someone decides to go with your song they can either go through us to fill out the mechanical agreement or contact you directly!

This will allow writers of all genres a possibility to get their music out there, and heard!

It doesn't stop there though. Work 1on1 with one of our managers to promote your music, drive up your social media numbers and get recognized by spotify with your own writers page! We're here to give you the RoadMap to being a writer!

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