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Somewhere In The Country

Night Owl Country Band

Somewhere In The CountryNight Owl Country Band
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Somewhere In The Country

Living a country lifestyle means something to everyone. However, as one is blessed to travel across the nation, they find that it means a little something different everywhere you go. Night Owl Country Band’s new single, “Somewhere in the Country,” exists as a tribute to both the differences in the way we live and the similarities that unite us. From crawdad boils down south to a stop at Buc-ee’s in Eastern Kentucky, we’re all connected by faith, family, and the American Spirit.
Says writer and lead singer Matt Lee, “So much of my own life and my own experience is layered into this song, and I think the same could be true for anyone who listens to it. Something in the lyrics connects to you. No matter who you are, we’re all living the same and different lives Somewhere in the Country.

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April 17, 2024



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