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Yinzers Stinger

Bill Renn

Yinzers StingerBill Renn
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Yinzers Stinger

In the chorus/ending of this anthem, which is a tribute to all the famous athletes, movie stars and musicians from my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA, I had fun capturing the unique jargon of Pittsburgh that includes expressions like "up 'er" (up there), an' 'nat, (and that), "an' stuff (and stuff) and "redd up da hahs" (clean the house) and "gum bands" (rubber bands) in addition to foods that orginated in Pittsburgh like Heinz Ketchup and "chipped chopped ham" (thinly shaven ham). Of course, no song about Pittsburgh would be complete without a shout out to our beloved sports teams, da"Stillers" (Steelers), "Pierats" (Pirates) and "Pengwins" (Penguins) ending with our beloved cheer on game day..."Here we go....go Stillers!"

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May 1, 2024



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