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Kenneith Perrin

Los Angeles, CA


So, who exactly is this guy who sings songs for the soul? It's none other than Kenneith Perrin- the singer/songwriter who loves to inspire; entertain; and energize his audiences. This smooth velvet voiced entertainer first hit radio airwaves with his debut CD, "It Took So Long". Kenneith is best known for his inspirational pop/soul styles and delivering passionate and high energy live shows. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances and continuing to record new music, Kenneith Perrin has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 2005 as he is the 1st IMMGA- Inspirational Music Multi-Genre Artist: Singing and songwriting multi-genres with a pop-soul-dance focus. This dynamic entertainer, from Augusta, Georgia, grew up singing in churches, local music groups, and musical theater productions throughout his primary school and college years. Kenneith’s musical influences steep heavily into new wave, r&b, gospel, and traditional pop ballads. According to, he respectively placed in all Worldwide Categories for the Top 10k Religious & Spiritual Artists; Top 50 Dance & Electronic Artists; and the Top 100k Pop Artists of 2022. While recording and collaborating on music projects has its own highlights, live entertainment is a cornerstone of Kenneith's music career. "Whether it's performing with my full band; trio; or to a backing track, I always enjoy connecting with the audience on many levels. It's truly a genuine way of affirming why I do what I love to do."

Kenneith Perrin

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