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Atlanta, GA

Hip-Hop & Rap

Born Kendrell Smith on Feb. 19,1987 in Dothan Alabama. I Go By stage name LoreLyfe. I was once headed down a horrible path in my life addicted to smoking,drinking and getting involved in criminal acts that would soon send me to prison at an early age in my life. Even after being released from prison I did change but still ran from the calling I always knew the Lord had on my life. Feeling that I wasn’t deserving of Gods love for the next years of my life I continued to run far from the Lord until I got to the point running was no longer an option. In 2022 I started to lean into the calling the Lord had on my life and began to change and grow and in February of 2023 surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and havent looked back since. I now use my gift of music to spread the Lords message and spread only positivity in a world filled with so much negativity.


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