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Hip-Hop & Rap

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Nonless short for nothing less is carving a name for himself in rap, hip-hop, and RnB. However, Nonless believes that his work does not limit him to a particular genre and his flexibility means that he can fit into any genre. As a result, his work is often known for being very southern and upbeat with many listeners craving more and coming back for a second helping. Nonless started making music as a hobby and tampered with it just for fun. However, it slowly evolved into a gateway for him to provide a better life, not just for him but for his children too. As a result, his passion for music has grown to turn it into something more than just a hobby. One of the best qualities of Nonless is the energetic voice, which sets the tone, and his unforgettable stage presence. As a result, a large number of his shows have had a good turnout rate from crowds. He’s loved to have shows with others like Young LA, Bone and LPWebbie but wants to focus more on having shows as an independent artist to show off his extraordinary business and music skills. The most distinctive part about Nonless is that everyone can tell that he has a sound of his own that doesn’t match with anyone else. This quality has even attracted the attention of other musicians like Sheniqua Miller, who’ve been blown away by his work. Currently, Nonless is working with his brands just to name a few Southern Classix Entertainment , Xtcy Beats Production, Nothing Less Radio, High Lyfe Magazine to bring them to the front of the music industry. Nonless first EP was released in 2021 called Nothing Less followed by a second EP called #Selfmade under his label. One of Nonless goal eventually will be managing artists for a bright future and building an empire is another Nonless main focus.


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