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Webster, Ma

Hip-Hop & Rap

Jerard Rice is a rising artist whose wide accomplishments display his unabashed commitment to the production of music. The rising star is a versatile new addition to the music industry who wants his music to serve as a beacon of hope and emblem of hope for all the lost souls that loiter around for guidance. The singer’s musical passion was ignited by chance in his childhood by dabbling in talent shows and playing instruments in school. This adolescent hobby soon turned into a relentless need for musical production. While an indie artist needs to be consistent with new music, Rice’s goal was to develop his sound and find an audience for his music. It is for this reason that his current music sounds brilliantly well thought-out. The songwriter has a small release catalog and his songs have been on shows such as indie network Radio shows, Hip-hop Outfront TV, RHe RTN (Video Countdown Show ) network, , Videocity TV and WOA season 5 hosted by Oliver Sean. Rice is called a neo-artist because he loves combining real-life experience whether it be his own or a lesson he learned in a movie, and depicting it from a different perspective. This immense realism within his music helps show the deep meaning of the mundane. An example of the singer’s connection of music to real life is his deep-felt emotions for pertinent social issues. In connection with this, Rice feels that his greatest accomplishment was organizing a protest for the Black Lives Matter protest in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. Some of the artist’s most notable musical hits include “Bet On It”, “Big Dreams “which won Best Hiphop video XMA 2022 “ No Brady which won best Hiphop Perfomance Video XMA 2021 , Juice Up for 65th Grammy Considerarion WAM Silver Award (BWH Music Griuo and winning Best Hiphop perfomance video XMA 2022 and Round it Up . Juice’s inclusion on Independent No. 1’s Volume 12 Compilation Album , produced by Oliver Sean which is a independent mainstream Compilation Album as well as a special WorldBeat Project EP also produced by Oliver Sean which was on Amazon Charts UK , ITunes & the world Charts all of which expand on different life phases and experiences of the singer’s own life. The artist wishes to spread goodwill, happiness, and love through his music while using the most universal language tool at his disposal: music. Tune into Rice’s social media to listen to a fresh new wave of real and soul-stirring music.  


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