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5 Social Media Trends Musicians Should Keep An Eye On In 2024

  1. Searching for an answer to a question through google may not be the answer to social media users anymore. Since Google's partnership with Tik-Tok we have seen a trend of potential fans searching for their answers on social media. You may also see more Tik-Tok results popping up when using a google search. Leading me to believe that there is more than just a partnership on the horizon for these two giants in the near future. 

  1. Tired of trying to find the right hashtags to use in your social media posts? Well the good news is that SEO will soon be taking over hashtags as the main method of connecting fans with content. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It's not as complicated as it sounds, so don't worry. It is in a sense going to be choosing targeted words that you use in the video description as keywords, replacing hashtags. 

  1. With Tik-Tok shop and Meta partnering with Amazon, we will start to see a trend with e-commerce shops. Before, fans had to be very dedicated to go to your shop to buy a piece of merch. It also came across as needy or greedy for artists to push their merch on their web page. 2024 will change that game a bit, making it much easier for fans to buy right from a social media integrated link. So don't forget to check out our good friends at artist apparel to get your $10 T-Shirts.

  1. YouTube Shorts will grow legs and begin to run in 2024. A great search engine as of now, YouTube tends to be more for DIY videos and long form content. In 2024 I see people starting to watch more YT shorts as a part of their daily routine, just like Reels and Tik-Tok. The YT algorithm is making strides but still has repetitive glitches. In 2024 I see those glitches getting worked out and traffic growing exponentially. 

  1. Point of view content will start to become more widely used in 2024. With people getting tired of seeing so many videos containing the same perspective, I see more point of view or “walk and talk” content starting to trend in 2024. Going for a nice hike? Take your audience with you even if for a 90 second short while discussing a topic or telling fans about an upcoming release. This will also help camera shy artists get more content out there! 

Have any questions? Make sure to ask your IRM manager for your roadmap to social media success.

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