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Apple Tries To Be More Artist Friendly . Is It Enough?

Apple Music for Artists has introduced a new feature, providing real-time listening information to artists eager to understand how their music is resonating with audiences. Let's delve into a quick overview of this new feature.

The Apple Music for Artists dashboard encompasses several key metrics, offering valuable insights into the performance of your music on the platform. Among these metrics are total plays, average daily listeners, song purchases, and Shazams. Notably, a new addition to the dashboard is the 'listening now' widget, which precisely indicates the number of Apple Music listeners currently engaged with your music.

This real-time data empowers artists by providing an up-to-the-moment overview of who is actively streaming their music on Apple Music. Clicking on the widget unveils a detailed snapshot of an artist's 'Listening Now' trends from the preceding 48 hours. The highlights of this data encompass maximum listeners, average listeners, and the top-performing songs during this period.

  1. Maximum Listeners: Showcasing the highest number of listeners in the last 48 hours.

  2. Average Listeners: Spotlighting the average listener rate over the last 40 hours.

  3. Top Songs Now: A quick overview of the six most played songs at the moment.

It's worth noting that if you don't see the 'Listening Now' widget, Apple clarifies that this is a normal aspect of the Apple Music for Artists experience, designed to uphold user privacy. A minimum listener threshold must be met to display 'Listening Now' analytics. As a result, artists, particularly those who are just starting, may experience data gaps if this threshold hasn't been reached.

Beyond monitoring current listenership, artists can also gain insights into the geographical distribution of their fanbase. The 'Places' tab in Artist Analytics offers a visual representation of listener locations by city, state, country, or region. By applying filters, artists can track the popularity of new releases, aiding in the strategic planning of future tour stops based on audience preferences and concentrations. This feature is particularly valuable for artists seeking to optimize their touring schedule and connect more intimately with their fanbase.

In totality it seems Apple is trying to catch up to Spotify for artists and gain back some artist support after spotify's recent "Artist unfriendly" action that we had talked about last week. Lets see if this helps. Because lets face it. As of late, Apples streaming numbers have been in the trash.

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