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Create A Better Setlist!

Trying to come up with setlist ideas? Your live setlist can get lost in everything that's going on in today's music industry. From social media to actually performing live, it can become a hassle to create an intriguing setlist. Here's a few tips to help with that.  

You'll want to start with a bang. Find a song that speaks to who you are as a musician but make sure it's one everyone knows. Come out loud and fast. choose your first three songs in each set to be attention grabbers. Draw in that crowd. Make them look up from their drinks, or turn away from their conversation to listen to your art. 

Create peaks and valleys. After starting off 100 miles an hour, flow into a valley of slower, sadder songs. This will help you develop an emotional rollercoaster for the fanbase. But remember, don't stay down there too long. The fans are there to have fun, not to fill their drink with tears.

Throw in a few of your originals when you know you have the fans attention. it's hard to get someone to become a fan and like your music when you refuse to show it to them. 

Use medleys to mashup songs in the same key. This is a great time to expand from your normal catalog of songs and cross genres. Theres nothing people love more than watching a male country singer break into "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. 

Continuously gauge the audience's response and tailer the performance to them. With all of that, make sure to mention your name as much as possible and ask for a stream or a follow. Have any questions on putting together a custom setlist, make sure to ask your IRM Manager!

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