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How To Write A Viral Video Description

Writing a viral video description may seem like a confusing statement. Wait isn't the video what goes viral and not the description? Well yes and no. Lets walk through what it takes to write a stellar description for your short form content.

First we need to identify your potential fans. Youve probably talked a lot with your manager about demographic, and there's a reason for that. Your demographic is just a fancy word for people who may like your music. Now lets pick out a few words that match your demographic, three strong words that will be used in most of your videos. But we also don't want to get stuck with those key words. I recommend keeping track of key words vs views to see what's working best. Use those key words as a sort of bedrock for your use of hashtags.

Now you'll want to watch the video and pick out three more key words that are video specific. Are you cooking in the video while singing? Are you out golfing with friends? Are you delivering a message on a subject? These hashtags will be ever changing. You most likely will not repeated these very often. And do your best not to repeat them, as this will keep your content fresh and fun. A combination of these six hashtags will be what sets the algorithm to your audience. They are in a sense the search terms that potential fans will be using.

Now it doesn't just stop with hashtags, most social media sites have started to incorporate the practice of pulling key words from the description itself. you will want to ensure this description is 2-3 sentences long with as many of these buzzwords or keywords in it as possible, while still keeping it an interesting read.

Now lets put your new found knowledge to use and see if we cant help get you a viral video under your belt. And remember, if you have any questions be sure to ask your manager on indie roadmap!

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