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IRM Introduces 1 Click Booking & More

Things here at Indie RoadMap have been a bit crazy over the last few weeks, our managers have been spending time in training meetings every day to learn the new software that we will be offering to artists starting March 18th. We will be selecting a small group of artists to Beta test the software for 14 days before it opens to the public on April 1st.

This new software will feature tools in our "Artist Portal" section, such;

• 1 Click Booking & Follow-Up emails (Send your info to hundreds of venues wanting to book artists, by city at the click of a button) as well as automated follow-ups.

• Customer Retention software (Use a phone number provided by us to promote merch/shows/new music to fans via text)

• Social Media Dashboard (Track your socials all in one place)

• Post to all major social platforms at the click of a button.

• Calendar (stay organized with all events easy to add and all in one place, you can also integrate other Calendars such as Google Calendar ect).

• Venue organizer (Be able to make notes about each venue and move them into categories based on your experience with them).

All of those resources along with what we currently offer, from management to radio distribution and the largest database of fairs, festivals and venues. You will be allowed to treat your music career as a business, keeping track of every facet from fan interaction to emailing and communication with your manager all in one place. Just imagine being able to set up a weekly call with your manager, before sending him a message about what you should be posting on social media that day for your new release. Then heading over to check out your stats to see how your previous release is doing with radio airplay and sync downloads. Then taking a break to stretch your legs before sending out 100 booking emails to Nashville with the click of a button. All of this before you post your next post to all of your social media sites simultaneously while checking out your social media statistics. That is what we at IRM offer.

Changing the game by giving independent artists the tools that the large labels have, while keeping 100% of control over their careers. To join the beta test or get in to the artist portal for early access please reach out to your manager and let them know your interest.

Having the pricing finally nailed down it we go as such:

The Current $14.99/mo membership will stay in place with the 1on1 management, booking database, release to radio and sync ect. (Everything you currently have access to)

Then the $39/mo membership will include everything in the above plus access to the "Artist Portal".

If new to IRM reach out to us via email at and ask for an artist application to get started today!

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